Founder & CEO of  PGA MANA Company ​​​+

​Member of Qatar Chamber of Commerce+

Vice Chairman of the Agriculture Commission of  Iran & Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Member of Qatar Chamber Export Development Commission+

Member of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce​​​​​​​+

+Member of the National Center of Women Entrepreneurs of Iran Chamber of Commerce

+Member of the think tank of the business women's center of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce

+Holder of business card from the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran

+Member of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Shiraz and active in the field of export and import.

+Working experience in the Ministry of Education - Fars Province, Jahrom

+Member of the Iranian Psychological System with the number of 40032

+Member of the Iranian Society of  Neurosciences with the number of 1863-1400

+Member of the Iranian Association of Psychologists with membership number 30984

+Management of Shahed Jahrom High School - Sep 2012 - Sep 2021

+Management of Nasrin Khalili High School Jahrom 2005

+Assistant Professor of Vocational Technical School 2001

+Member of the First Level Parents and Teachers Association of Iran – 2001,2006,2015,2017

+ Judge of the festival of computer education, mathematics, physics, top teaching models

+Secretary and Educational Representative of Jahrom Education Department for 13 years

+Economics teacher and economics educational representative in the Department of Education of Jahrom city

+High school teacher

+ Lecturer of in-service education for educators in Jahrom Education Department - March 2012

+ Counselor and educational and academic planning of the second secondary school

+ Organizer of the monitoring and evaluation festival of educational leaders in Jahrom – May 2019

+ Member of the review and selection committee for the annual program of top schools, November 2012

+ Member of the Executive Committee of Saramad and Top Schools, October 2012

+Secretary of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)  conference  August 2012